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    Admin Applications [CLOSED]



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    Admin Applications [CLOSED]

    Post by ForsakenKeep on Sat Nov 22, 2014 10:46 pm

    Answer the following question honestly you have to be 16+  to apply.  if you are an  administrator any other sites  we can't give you higher rank than gamma. Your delta balance will NOT take any effect on your chances of becoming an admin.

    1. What are your Chatlands accounts? Be honest and tell us every single one, as we can check it.

    2. Do you have a forum account? If not, you MUST make one in order to become an admin.

    3. In a schedule, please list the times you are mostly online. When you can't get online for a longer period of time, will you do your best to inform an alpha or any other admin? (not informing might turn into a demotion).

    4. Have you ever been an admin before? What rank? Where? For how long? Why were you demoted? (if you did).

    5. Have you ever been banned on a Chatlands site? If yes, please tell us the reason, what Chatland site and for how long. (Be honest, we can check.)

    6. How old are you? Provide a link to your facebook. ( You MUST be 16+).

    7. What rank are you most interested in? (It is possible that you won't become the rank you wish).

    8. Put an "x" on the team you would like to be in. Two teams required. Keep in mind that Chat Police is a required team, no matter what, and ART staff needs training.
    *ART staff [ ]
    *Chat Police [x]
    *Tech Support [ ]
    * Events Committee [ ]
    * Forum Moderator [ ]

    9. Why do you want to be an admin of Argia? What qualities you have and think will help us?


    1. User1 enters in a room and complains about how their life is terrible and how they want to commit suicide or self harm. User2 tells User1 that nobody cares and to shut up. User3 starts mini-modding by copy-pasting the rules and terms of Chatlands™. Other users join the argument and take sides, as User4 howls you. What do you do?

    2. User1 comes in a room and starts to move repetitively  User2 asks them politely to stop because it causes lag  User1 starts yelling (use caps) at User2 and use vulgar words. User2 backs down and howls you. What do you do?

    Good luck!  The applications will be sent to ForsakenKeep through Chatlands or it won't be considered.

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